The Tennessean - Nashville's Shining Jewels Share Unique Creations


FEBRUARY 8, 2013

“I learned so much from Margaret. When she decided to retire, I knew I wanted, more than anything in the world, to continue working with her inspiration,” Richardson says.

On Jan. 1, Richardson bought the rights to Margaret Ellis Jewelry, as well as the 20-year archive of jewelry designs. She never considered changing the name, she says, instead keeping the Ellis title as homage to her mentor.

“One of the things I love about Margaret Ellis designs are that they are timeless. Pieces from the ’90s are still wearable now,” Richardson says.

Putting her own spin on upcoming jewelry collections will be subtle, she says, but she will add some younger, fresher options to the mix.

“We will still do statement pieces, but I like smaller, everyday pieces in my own life. So those elements will show up in the design mix.”

Mclaine is working on the Geometric Chain

Mclaine is working on the Geometric Chain

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