grand loop hoop necklace GrandLoopNeck2.jpg

grand loop hoop necklace

from 290.00
lil id necklace Little ID Necklace with White Topaz Charm © Margaret Ellis

lil id necklace

from 375.00
coupé lariat necklace © Margaret Ellis Coupé Lariat Necklace

coupé lariat necklace

from 415.00
melya necklace Silver and Bronze Long Pendant Necklace © Margaret Ellis

melya necklace

exploding neville collar Silver Pearl Collar Necklace © Margaret Ellis

exploding neville collar

from 515.00
charm necklace Close Up of Bronze and Silver Charm Necklace © Margaret Ellis

charm necklace

from 540.00
heavy chain w/ pearl necklace Chain Necklace with Baroque Pearl © Margaret Ellis

heavy chain w/ pearl necklace

from 575.00
pearl and stone leaf necklace Pearl, White Topaz Chain Necklace © Margaret Ellis

pearl and stone leaf necklace

locket necklace Silver and Bronze Locket Charm from Necklace © Margaret Ellis

locket necklace

from 700.00
solar pendant necklace © Margaret Ellis Close Up of Silver and Bronze Pendant Necklace

solar pendant necklace

from 765.00
eddy curve pearl necklace Silver Curve Pendant Pearl Necklace © Margaret Ellis

eddy curve pearl necklace

from 790.00
bentz latte necklace Silver and Bronze Brown Pearl Necklace with Fusion Pendant © Margaret Ellis

bentz latte necklace

from 815.00
leaf coin necklace Chain Necklace with White Topaz and Pearl Pendant © Margaret Ellis

leaf coin necklace

from 840.00
ellipsoid chain necklace © Margaret Ellis Spring 2019 Lookbook Image

ellipsoid chain necklace

from 850.00
construct big toggle © Margaret Ellis Spring 2015 Lookbook Image

construct big toggle

from 850.00
allure necklace ME_FW1811850.jpg

allure necklace

from 865.00
pearl dot strand necklace Baroque Pearl Necklace © Margaret Ellis

pearl dot strand necklace

from 915.00
square stone cup necklace Chain Necklace with White Topaz Pendant © Margaret Ellis

square stone cup necklace

from 940.00
expresso double chain necklace Bronze Black and Brown Pearl Long Necklace © Margaret Ellis

expresso double chain necklace

from 940.00
bronze pearl strand necklace Pearl Strand Necklace with Bronze Bead © Margaret Ellis

bronze pearl strand necklace

from 975.00
pod necklace Silver and Bronze Pod Necklace © Margaret Ellis

pod necklace

from 1,750.00