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Nashville Fashion Week Showcases Accessories as Art

April 9, 2015

By Ashley Rhoden

On Wednesday night at The Cordelle in Nashville, Nashville Fashion Week had something both special and unusual planned. In past Fashion Weeks, the crew made an effort to have runway shows every night of the week. This year, they chose to organize the week-long event to be of greater interest to people in the art community.

Accessory designers Bone Feather, Seraphine, Margaret Ellis, Fanny and June, Shutters and Shuttles, Rinjuel and Peter Nappi were all featured Wednesday night...In between glistening wine glasses, silverware and giant vases of colorful bouquets were accessories on dinner plates acting as the “main course” of the evening. It gave a whole new meaning to the term “fashion plate.”

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Broad Style: Top 10 Favorite Looks from Nashville Fashion Week

ApRil 14, 2015

by Carla Antonelli

That's a wrap on the fifth annual Nashville Fashion Week.

It was a whirlwind week of fabulous fashion that makes me long a little for Fall even though spring has just begun. Jumpsuits, capes, billowing skirts, belted coats and jackets, they were all in full swing and they were gorgeous. I love Nashville Fashion Week because of the focus on local fashion, and I don't think local fashion has ever been stronger in Nashville than now.

Fern Mallis, creator of New York Fashion Week, name checked some of Nashville's best designers during her speech at Saturday night's gala. Valentine ValentineBlack by Maria SilverBash by Barry WishnowElizabeth Suzann(who won the Rising Star Award at the Gala), Imogene + WilliePeter Nappi and Margaret Ellis Jewelry were all mentioned by Fern. I would add Jamie and the JonesShutters and ShuttlesSeraphine DesignsOtis JamesCeri Hoover(2014 Nashville Fashion Forward Fund Winner), Pink Elephant and Ola Mai to that list as well. The amazing thing is we are just scratching the surface of fantastically talented makers in Nashville. This week alone I discovered Bone FeatherFanny & June and RINjuel. There is so much beautiful work being done right here, it's getting hard to even keep up. And that's one beautiful problem to have.

With only two runway shows this Fashion Week, it was nice having one show dedicated to local designers and one show dedicated to ready-to-wear collections. Amanda Valentine and Poni Silver turned out two of my favorite collections of the week which is no surprise to anyone who knows me. They are two of my favorite people and also two of my favorite designers. On the accessories side, I can never see enough Margaret Ellis Jewelry. Mclaine Richardson is turning out stunning designs day after day. And Ceri Hoover and Bone Feather's bags are making me want to up my handbag game immediately.

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Recap: Nashville Fashion Week 2015

April 16, 2015

Without a doubt, 2015 was the best Nashville Fashion Week to date. This year was filled with so many jaw-dropping moments, giant hugs, and seriously dressed-to-kill looks. I'm so excited about how far this city has come, and there's so much room for growth.  Thank you to everyone who made another year possible, including special guests Fern Malls, Nigel Barker, and Karen Elson.

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What is your favorite/go to Accessory?

APRIL 17, 2015

Nashville Fashion TV talks with fashionistas at The Cordelle during the Accessories as Art Installation for Nashville Fashion Week

Posted by John Taylor on Friday, April 17, 2015

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May 14, 2015

Fashion can be practical, professional, even profitable, but above all else it is art. Nashville Fashion week recognized the importance of this latter trait with a unique installation that emphasized the expressive nature of clothing accessories. Visitors were greeted with an extremely long banquet table filled with accessories on dinner platters. Each one was accented with beautiful garnishes that "plated" them to look as palatable as possible.

This creative exhibit was meant to draw in more people from the artistic community and also to broadcast that clothing can indeed be art...

Margaret Ellis had a very popular display as well. Her choker, bangle, cuff, bracelet and band all featured soft-looking, thin gold construction that made them all look both dainty and demure. Large opals and pearls accented the bangle and bracelet in a way that made the more delicate parts of the jewelry stand out aside the bolder materials.

She also made a set of bracelets and earrings featuring angular welded metal pieces with attached pearls that popped off of the harsher setting.

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